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About Us

Comfort, quality, best price.

From a full range of performance wetsuits to technical boardshorts and accessories, we create products to fuel your passion.

Derevko was founded in 2005 by Donovan Marais. The company started in Cape Town, South Africa and has expanded acorss the globe. We have grown into an international brand producing top quality wetsuits & accessories, with a cross-platform of athletes competing in all water sports sectors.

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Why are the wetsuits so affordable?

Our wetsuits are manufactured under strict supervision in a 5 star factory in the far east. Strategic use of different grades of stretch material is used to make a wetsuit that is not only super comfortable but super affordable!

The Derevko Story
Derevko is a leading South African based surf wetsuit brands with its roots in Cape Town. In 2008 after researching and selling other brands we soon realised that what the market needed was not another overpriced brand  but a strong offering that could compare in quality, durability and warmth, but at a more affordable price point. It was on a surf trip in Asia where the founder managed to make contact with a wetsuit manufacturer and he released the very first Alpha wetsuit range. 

Many trial and error mistakes were made but these experiences have helped to make the brand stronger by what we believe to be exceptional customer after-sales service. Derevko’s original positioning was as a budget alternative to international brands, however with the release of the new Shadow range we believe that we have moved from entry level to high-end, while still keeping our key price-point positioning. We now have a local presence in South Africa, Hong Kong, Chile and of course Australia.

The Derevko Team
The wetsuit brand is headed up in our Hong Kong office, where we focus on product development, supplier relations and putting together marketing collaterals such as photo shoots and catalogues. In Hong Kong we work closely with an incredible creative team that helps us make sure the product always looks great and the brand identity is consistent in all mediums. Our administration office is based in South Africa, which is also where all product testing takes place. Cape Town allows us to test in both the both Indian and Atlantic oceans as they are only an hours drive from each other, and this proved to be the perfect testing ground for all our water wear.
Here in Australia we sell direct to the public through the website, buy your wetsuits online at

The Derevko ethos
Our ethos is straightforward and simple – we produce wetsuits that are durable, comfortable, warm, and most importantly, affordable – backed up by the very best customer service available. 

What sets Derevko apart from competitors
Being a small / medium size brand we are able to focus more on getting our product right and only releasing product to market after intensive testing. Our streamlined operation ensures a personal relationship with each and every client whereby management is contactable at any time and enquiries are handled within 6 – 12 hours.

Derevko Wetsuits - not just for surfers
As our wetsuits are designed for multi-sport use, surfing, kite boarding, windsurfing and SUP are prevalent throughout the world and we believe there is great value for our customers by offering one wetsuit to cover all their needs. 

What's the future of Derevko
As the brand continues to grow internationally we will focus on product diversification and always improving customer experience. It’s our goal to be the go to brand for a quality product and personal customer / brand experience.
In 2017 we reintroduced ladies wetsuits into our line up. The JADE is made with the same design goals, methods and quality as our SHADOW range, only designed to fit the shape of girls and ladies.
Later in the year we are looking at bringing back a range for teens as well.

How about the Wetsuit industry in general?
It’s our hope that manufacturers will be able to offer more environmentally friendly alternatives to not only the raw materials currently used for neoprene production, but also the manufacturing process itself, which does give off a lot of pollutants. We believe that wetsuits will evolve into a product that is seam – free and completely hydrophobic. With today’s 3D technology we don’t think it’s very far off to imagine a world where your dimensions are scanned and a tailored wetsuit is created for you within minutes! 

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